Using iPads in education settings

19 April 2013
13:30 to 16:30 , Institute of Education

Tom Preskett, Learning Technologist

Practice using an ipad and explore different educational apps which have potential for use in a variety of teaching and learning contexts. Share ideas and reflect on their suitability for use in your organisation.

 This session is suitable for any teacher or educator:
• who is considering ipads for their educational setting and wants to discover their benefits
• who already has some ipads and wants to improve their knowledge and understanding
 In this session you will:
• be issued with an ipad to practice on
• learn about different categories of apps
• practice using prominent examples of each category of apps
• share ideas and reflect on various ways of using an ipad in your education setting
• join a session website to use as a resource on the day and thereafter
Cost: £85.00; £70.00 for LCLL members -

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