The Institute of Education 1902-2002

The Institute of Education 1902-2002

A centenary history
Richard Aldrich 

"A copy should be on the library shelf of any historian of education with serious interests in the issues raised by the study of teacher education."
Roy Lowe (2003) Paedagogica Historia

This comprehensive account of the Institute of Education, University of London, is essentially one of change. Founded in 1902 as the London Day Training College to provide teachers for the capital's elementary schools, a century later the Institute had become a college of the University of London, a national and international postgraduate centre for education enquiry with 4,400 students from 80 countries.

Drawing upon a wide range of sources, including previously unused archival material and formal interviews with key figures, Richard Aldrich sets the Institute's own story within metropolitan, national and international contexts. The result is an elegantly written history, characterised by substantial scholarship and analysis and enlivened by illustrations and anecdote.

Above all, the pages of this book are people with some of the most influential, and at times controversial, figures of the twentieth-century world of education - including Sidney Webb, John Adams, Sophie Bryant, Percy Nunn, Cyril Burt, Susan Isaacs, Marion Richardson, Fred Clarke, Joseph Lauwerys, Richard Peters, Basil Bernstein, William Taylor, Ann Oakley and Peter Mortimore.

"Aldrich has written a solid professional history of his own institution that should be of great interest to scholars of education and historians of teacher training or educational policy, as well as those with a particular interest in the great Byzantine mosaic that constitutes the University of London."
E.J. Morse (2003) History of Education Quarterly

"I can recommend this book to those working within education, especially to those with particular interests in educational ideas, institutional history or teacher education."
Professor Roger Openshaw (2003) History of Education Review

October 2002 • 978-0-85473-635-5 • 296 pages • £22.50