Effective Leadership in the Early Years Sector

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Effective Leadership in the Early Years Sector

The ELEYS study
Iram Siraj-Blatchford and Laura Manni

"…influential in helping me to shape my role – and the vision for Early Years which is now beginning to bear fruit."
Pam Mundy, General Adviser, Early Years, West Sussex

This publication takes as its background the radical reforms to services for children following the passing of The Children Act of 2004 and the subsequent Government White Paper, Every Child Matters: Change for children. It argues that the fundamental requirements for leadership for learning in the early years should be provided by considering social contexts, adopting a commitment to collective working, and focusing on improving children's learning outcomes.

This book analyses a wide range of literature on leadership in the early years settings, as identified in studies funded by the Department for Education and Skills. It identifies a range of "categories of effective leadership practice" in the effective settings that will be valuable in the development of leadership training. It is very timely, as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum came into force in September 2008.

February 2007 • 978-0-85473-743-7 • 36 pages • £10.00