Book Bands for Guided Reading (4th edition)

Book Bands for Guided Reading (4th edition)

A handbook to support Foundation and Key Stage 1 teachers
Suzanne Baker, Shirley Bickler and Sue Bodman   

This book is the authoritative publication in the UK, enabling schools to create, audit and supplement a high-quality library of sets of books for use with groups of Foundation and Key Stage 1 children. It gives details of more than 3,500 titles in 11 colour-banded listings updated to include the most suitable texts currently in print; new Pink A and Pink B lists offer added support to Foundation Stage teachers. It also includes a discussion of the text features that make particular books worth a lesson, and a new section on non-fiction.

" indispensable tool for everyone responsible for developing children's reading ... an invaluable guide to choosing reading materials at each child's current level."
Jill Canning, Project Development and Training Officer, Fischer Education Project

"...helps me to locate reading material quickly. I would recommed it to all KS1 teachers. It is also an excellent tool for use in staff development."
LEA School Support Officer

"On the introductory pages to each of the colour-banded listings, Phases 2-6 refer to the documents Letters and Sounds (Primary National Strategy 2007), not to the earlier publication, Progression in Phonics."

October 2007 • 978-085473-787-1 • 234 pages • £25.00