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Education has the power to change people's lives for the better. This can be through engaging children with a life long passion for learning, motivating students to reach their potential and giving children confidence to explore their thoughts and ideas.

If you were inspired by someone special in this way, you can truly appreciate the transformative nature of education.

An investment in a teacher who can be this special person can impact hundreds or thousands of lives in their career as an educator or researcher and can enthuse future leaders and educators.

The Institute has an established reputation for excellence in the field of education and educational research.

  • Over 6,500 students study with us and 1,200 new teachers begin their careers each year
  • we work with over 500 partnership schools and colleges in the London area alone
  • our professors are regularly consulted by government ministers and agencies
  • our initiatives have been rolled out nationally and internationally, such as 'every child a reader' campaign to combat poor literacy.

The Institute works to close the opportunity gaps created by disability, race, gender, migration and other factors. By investing in education we aim to prevent problems such as poor numeracy, literacy and anti-social behaviour in our communities.

Learning also takes place out of school and our work provides insights into child development, relationship and parenting skills, health issues, use of social services and lifelong learning for all.

From language and literacy intervention to health education and children in care we work with children, schools, community groups and government to improve people's opportunities in life.
You can help us continue this work in a number of ways