Professor Ann Hodgson

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    • I worked as a teacher, lecturer, LEA adviser, editor and civil servant, before entering higher education in 1993. I research and publish in the areas of education policy, 14-19 education and training, lifelong learning, curriculum and qualifications reform, institutional organisation and governance.

      Research Interests:
      Post-compulsory education and lifelong learning - policy and practice
      Education and lifelong learning in London
      The education and training of 14-19 year olds
      The organisation and governance of post-compulsory education
      Curriculum and qualifications reform
      Further education colleges

  • Teaching:
    • Education Doctorate (EdD) programme – Course Leader for Initial Specialist Module in Post-compulsory Education and Training and Lifelong Learning
      Tutor on Methods of Enquiry 2.
  • Research:
  • Professional Activities:
    • Patron of the Institute for Learning
      Fellow of Higher Education Academy
      Member of the Economic and Social Research Council Peer Review College
      Member of the Journal of Further and Higher Education Board
      Member of the College of Reviewers (Journal of Education Policy)
      Trustee of Friends of Amani Tanzania
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • How effective is upper secondary education in England at preparing young people for study and employment? Issues for Qatar, with Ken Spours, Qatar University, November 2012.

      Towards a universal upper secondary education system in England: a unified and ecosystem vision, Professorial Inaugural Lecture jointly with Professor Ken Spours, Institute of Education, University of London, June 2012

      Quality assurance in higher education in England– an ecological perspective, University of Latvia, Riga, February 2012

  • Research Students:
    • Learning and teaching strategy in higher education – the views of staff on the impact of the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund Initiative,
Colin Whitlock (EdD)

      Professionalisation within UK higher education administration and management: constructions of identities,
Kenton Lewis (EdD)

      Developing an ICT teaching workforce for the FE sector: rhetoric or reality?
Mohammed Shamsudoha (EdD)

      ◦ Therapeutic education: implications for teacher educators in post-compulsory education ,
Sean Richards (EdD)

      Building for the Future? A comparative study of three institutions delivering the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment,
Paul Demetriou-Crane (EdD)

      The emerging landscape of initial teacher education in England – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,
Cheddian Ishmael (EdD)

      The future of FE professionalism, Sabrina Poma (EdD)

      Models of tutorial processes within the English FE system, 
Steve Hannon (EdD)

      Evaluating the effectiveness of 'alternative' provision for 15/16 year olds in an FE college,
Magdalena Cajic-Seigneur (PhD)

      To what extent are the interactions of 14-19 creative and media diploma practitioners shaped by the rise and fall of a policy agenda?

Emma Brown(EdD)

      Discourses of the student experience and engagement within a higher education institution: a critical ethnography Iain Jones (EdD)


◦ Differences in progression to HE with A Levels and BTEC Nationals, Shepherd Mande (MPhil/PhD)

Professor Ann Hodgson

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