Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund (TQEF)

Final Report: October 2009

The IOE was given an annual grant by HEFCE in 2006 under the Teaching and Quality Enhancement Fund.  This funding has now come to an end but over the period of 3 years there has been a range of innovative and developmental projects which have all benefitted the furtherance of teaching and learning at the IOE.

These projects have included:

  1. A project to support the further professional development of tutors on one group of MA programmes, with the possibility of cross-fertilisation to all MA programme teams.
  2. A project on peer-assessment, evaluation and review, with particular applicability to PGCE programmes but with relevance to all staff.
  3. Work to enable access to online and face-to-face courses to further support staff in working with students with disabilities.
  4. Review and development of e-portfolios.
  5. A staff development programme on learning and teaching in the context of widening participation.
  6. Development of a training programme for staff delivering seminars.
  7. A project using shared practice to enhance learning and teaching.
  8. Setting up a series of informal lunchtime discussions on key issues in learning and teaching aimed at all teaching and learning support staff.
  9. The development of two community projects, one for community theatre and one for community volunteering.
  10. Creation of new library web pages for international and comparative education, providing useful guides to the major information sources for both students and teaching staff
  11. A project to develop effective practices in the support of progression routes for students.

The IOE launched the annual learning and teaching conference in January 2009 to enable dissemination and sharing of best practice, and the findings of the TQEF projects were all presented to colleagues at that event.  The proceedings from the first Learning and Teaching Conference have been compiled into an online journal and are accessible via the Quality Assurance Quality Enhancement pages of the web, http://www.ioe.ac.uk/about/documents/About_Policies/Proceedings_of_LandT_Conference_2009.pdf, and below you will find links to a sample of the different projects that have been completed under the funding provided by HEFCE .  Additional information, and the final reports, for all the individual projects are available from the QA Unit.

For Tim Neumann's report on development of e-portfolios

For the guidance that has been developed by the Disability Support Office to enable access to the Institute's programmes:

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