IOE Academic awarded for work on developing black and minority ethnic school leaders

27 February 2013

Dr Dolapo Ogunbawo is to be recognised for her pioneering work on developing black and minority ethnic (BME) school leaders.

 Dr Ogunbawo, who is based in the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education, has been awarded the 2012 'best paper' prize by BELMAS (British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society) for "Developing BME leaders: The case for customised programmes".

She will be presented with her award at the BELMAS 2013 conference, which will take place in Edinburgh from 12-14 July.

The paper is based on her work on the Equal Access to Promotion (EAP) programme – which she was responsible for leading, writing, developing and delivering. EAP was delivered as a national programme, jointly funded by the National College and the National Union of Teachers. It focused on increasing the number of BME senior school leaders by equipping them with the necessary skills, and was attended by BME teachers from all over England.

The research was driven by her concern about the low numbers of black teachers and school leaders serving the diverse school population in England, and the under-representation of BME teachers in senior leadership positions among the teaching workforce.

Dr Ogunbawo said:

"The award came as a surprise – a very pleasant one because I am not an academic. I see myself as a professional and a practitioner. I believed in the EAP programme and had some of the best serving heads in London working with me so this was a paper I wanted to write to get the message out to the academics about the need for research in the area of diversifying leadership."

Dr Ogunbawo's paper looked at the importance of customised leadership programmes in addressing the barriers to development and progression of BME teachers and leaders in schools in England.