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  • Should the Public Pay for Higher Education? Educational Debt, Democratic Citizenship and Cooperative Obligations
    04 December 2015
    For many citizens of a liberal democracy a higher education has become synonymous with educational debt. Philosophers have rightly asked how the costs of a funded system of higher education should be justly distributed between the public and students.
  • Participatory Academic Communities - connectedness, openness and academic citizenship
    08 December 2015
    Participatory Academic Communities: connectedness, openness and academic citizenship at the future university beyond the campus. This is an occasional seminar in the 2015/16 series. The CHES seminars provide a forum for debate and analysis of issues affecting policy, practice and research in higher education, supporting the exchange of views and experiences across higher education. Seminars are normally held at 5:30 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the Institute of Education.
  • Family and Neighbourhood Risk and Children's Problem Behaviour
    26 November 2015
    General cognitive ability has been shown to buffer the effects of family adversity and poverty on emotional and behavioural problems in school age children. Yet, little is known about whether `intelligence' can protect younger children or change the problem trajectories of at-risk children. This talk will describe research examining quantitatively the role of intelligence in modifying the effects of family poverty, neighbourhood poverty and adverse family events on children's trajectories of emotional and behavioural problems in early-to-middle childhood.