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  • SENJIT Conference
    05 December 2014
    Literacy: Theory and Practice SENJIT Conference
  • Managing Headteachers Performance
    18 November 2014
    It is well known that effective leadership is essential to school success. But who is concerned about the performance and development of the headteacher? Good governance is at the heart of effective headteacher performance management and development. Effective oversight of the headteacher is the most important part played by the governing body in the overall governance of the school. But it is also a complex and demanding process and one size does not fit all.
  • Using data to close the gap
    10 October 2014
    This workshop explores the range of performance data available to school leaders. Although it is likely that the next RAISEonline will not be published by this date, nevertheless we will have data for 2014 cohorts and notional figures should all be available.