Development Education Research Centre (DERC)

Dr Douglas Bourn

Development education is an approach to learning about global and development issues through recognising the importance of linking people's lives throughout the world. It is also based on a understanding of the importance of critical thinking, the need to challenge stereotypes and to give people the skills and confidence to support change towards a more just and sustainable world.

Aims of Centre:

  • to embed development education within mainstream education policy and research
  • to ensure long-term impact of development education and its contribution to DFID
  • strategy of Building Support for Development.

The main focus of its activities are:

  • the creation of a research community at the Institute of Education on development education
  • the development of range of courses on development education
  • to organise range of seminars and conferences in partnership with appropriate national and international bodies
  • to develop an international network of academics interested in research in development education.

Development education needs to be a power house for ideas, creativity and new thinking about how people in society can be better equipped to create a world which is more just and equal, that creates a better understanding of the cause of inequality in the world and above all gives some skills and values base to enable people to create their own voices and forms of engagement to secure real social change.

The Development Education Research Centre was established in 2006 with funding from the Department of International Development (DFID)  to act as the hub for knowledge generation, new thinking and quality output on development education.

The Centre is responsible for organising a range of events and conferences, conducting research and consultancy, running a Masters degree course on development education, supervising a team of doctoral students and producing a range of reports, academic articles on books relevant to the aims of the Centre.

The Centre is responsible for editing the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, published by IOE Press.

Global Learning - The Future of Education?
On 25 June 2013 the DERC, in partnership with the Institute of Ideas Education Forum, hosted a debate entitled 'Global Learning - The Future of Education?'. Dr Douglas Bourn, Director of the DERC, and Dr Alex Standish, lecturer in Geography Education at the IOE and author of 'The False Promise of Global Learning: Why Education Needs Boundaries', contributed to the debate which was chaired by Professor David Lambert. View the debate.