Current projects

The EPPI-Centre develops methodology for systematic research synthesis, undertakes syntheses of evidence from various study types, and provides support to external groups and organisations conducting systematic reviews. The following are some of our current projects, grouped under their areas of work.


Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe (EIPPEE)
The social organisation of educational studies: past, present and future
Evidence Informed Policy in Education in Europe (EIPEE)

Health Promotion

Health promotion and public health reviews facility
Effective approaches to public sector commissioning
Plain Packaging of Cigarettes
Can specific approaches to community engagement help to reduce inequalities in health; for whom, under what circumstances, and with what resources?
Smoking cessation in secondary care settings

Health Systems and International Development

What is the impact of microfinance on poor people? A systematic review of evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
What impact does the provision of separate toilets for girls at schools have on their enrolment and completion of primary and secondary schooling?
What is the effectiveness of agriculture interventions on agricultural investment, yields, and income for smallholder farmers in Africa? A systematic review
Providing economic asset building to girls and young women in low income and fragile states
Impact of post-abortion care family planning interventions on women in low-income countries: a systematic review of the evidence
Effective financial inclusion interventions enabling poor people, especially women, to engage in economic opportunities: reviewing the evidence on micro-credit, micro-savings and micro-leasing

Social & other issues

Improving the emotional and behavioural health of looked-after children and young people (LACYP)
Understanding the drivers of, and value and benefits afforded by, engagement in culture and sport
*A Critical Woman: Barbara Wootton, social science and public policy in the twentieth century

Research methods and Research support

Researcher Development Initiative - Meta-analysis for education researchers
Identifying relevant studies for systematic reviews and health technology assessments using text mining
Establishing centres for systematic reviews of health policy and systems research in the south
Systematic reviews in international development : an initiative to strengthen evidence-informed policy making
Fraud and error in financial, welfare and revenue services: A systematic map of the empirical research evidence with particular reference to 'notification of changes of circumstances'
Meta-Evaluation of the Impacts and Legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

* Although these pieces of work are described under the EPPI-Centre stream projects, they really cut across and contribute to all aspects of the Unit's work.