Key Areas

Global Learning Programme

Students as Global Citizens

Global Learning for Global Colleges

Global Dimension in Initial Teacher Training

Oxfam Schools for Youth Project

The Centre is engaged in a range of research projects related to development education, global dimension to education, education for sustainable development and global citizenship.

They include:

Young People as Global Citizens
Developing both a theoretical framework and empirical research as to how young people make sense of their role and identity within a global society.

Oxfam Schools for Youth project
The Centre is a partner in a new EC Erasmus plus project led by Oxfam UK entitled Schools for Future Youth. It is a cross-field partnership to improve youth participation in European school education running from 2014-2017 and working in four countries: UK, Italy, Cyprus and Poland. The Project will use Youth Participation through Global Citizenship to support improved curriculum and pedagogical approaches by teachers, and increased civic engagement and transversal skills development by young people. In addition to Oxfam UK, the project partners are Oxfam Italy, PAH (Poland) and CARDET in Cyprus. The Centre is responsible for the research and evaluation components of the project.

Policy and Practice in Development Education
To undertake research to look at the impact of specific non-governmental organisations on their contribution to raising awareness and understanding of development and global issues within education. This includes British Red Cross, VSO, Plan UK and CAFOD.

The Centre is also working with partner universities and NGOs elsewhere in Europe to assess how development education is being implemented within a range of member states.

Global Perspectives within Higher Education
In partnership with other universities in the UK, NGOs and policy-makers to asses the extent to which terms such as global citizenship and internationalisation are being used and implemented within higher education.

Specific projects in this area have been undertaken with University College London, Leicester University and work with academics within engineering.