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DERC founded the International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning. Doug Bourn, director of DERC, is the Editor of IJDEGL. It is published by IOE Press.

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DERC research papers

Hunt, F. and O. Cara (2015) Global Learning in England: Baseline analysis of the Global Learning Programme Whole School Audit 2013–14. DERC Research Paper no. 15 for the GLP. London: UCL Institute of Education
Brown, K. (2015) Young people's understandings of global poverty. DERC Research Paper no. 14 for the GLP. London: UCL Institute of Education.

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Bourn, D. and F. Hunt (2011) Global Dimension In Secondary Schools. DERC Research Paper No. 1, London: IOE.


Development Education Digest

Development Education Digest, Issue 6, January 2015

Development Education Digest, Issue 5, December 2013

Development Education Digest, Issue 4, December 2012

Development Education Digest, Issue 3, November 2011

Development Education Digest, Issue 2, January 2011

Development Education Digest, Issue 1, June 2010


Research reports

Pasha, A. (2014) Global Citizenship in Pakistan: A Brief

Murdan, S., Blum, N., Francis, S., Slater, E., Alem, N., Munday, M., Taylor, J. and Smith, F. (2014) The Global Pharmacist. London: UCL School of Pharmacy and the Development Education Research Centre, Institute of Education, University of London.

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McGough, H. and Hunt, F. (2012) 'The Global Dimension: A Practical Handbook for Teacher Educators'

Trewby, J. (2012) 'What is the UK Global Justice Movement and how do individuals engage with it?'

Hunt, F., Li Ting Chung, H., Rogers, M. with S. Inman (2011) Taking Stock: A report from the UK Teacher Education Network for sustainable development (ESD) /global citizenship (GC) - survey on provision for ESD/GC in initial teacher education in the UK. London: London South Bank University.

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Bourn, D. (ed.) (2008) Development Education: Debates and Dialogues. London: Bedford Way Papers.



Egan, D. (2011) 'Understanding the role of Global Corporations: The Contribution of Development Education'

Bourn, D. (2011) 'Development Education: Where does it come from and what does it look like' (Video)


Journal articles

Bentall, C. and McGough, H. (2014) 'Young people's personal engagement with global learning in Further Education', International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning.

Skinner, A., Blum, N. & Bourn, D. (2013) 'Development Education and Education in International Development Policy: Raising Quality through Critical Pedagogy and Global Skills', International Development Policy.

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Book chapters

Bourn, D. and Issler, S. (2010) 'Transformative learning for a global society' in Education and Social Change, edited by Elliott, G., Fourali, C. and Issler, S., London, Continuum.

Bourn, D. and Morgan, A. (2010) 'Development education, sustainable development, global citizenship and higher education: towards a transformatory approach to learning' in Global Inequalities and Higher Education edited by Unterhalter, E. and Carpentier,V, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

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Bourn, D. (2009) 'Students as global citizens' in E. Jones (ed.) Internationalisation: the Student Voice. London: Routledge.


DERC Update

DERC Update, October 2014

DERC Update, October 2013

DERC Update, February 2013

DERC Update, March 2012

DERC Update, September 2011

DERC Update, March 2011

DERC Update, March 2010

DERC Update, November 2009


Global Learning in Schools Conference Papers, May 2014

Doug Bourn, DERC 'Pedagogy of Global Learning'

Keynote: Professor Dr Annette Scheunpflug, Bamberg University 'How to get knowledge into competences? - Challenges for Global Learning in Schools'

Stephen Hull, British Council 'Global Learning and British Council Connecting Classrooms'

Frances Hunt, DERC 'Research in Global Learning'

Richard Borowski, Leeds University Centre for African Studies 'Using International Students as a Global Learning Resource in the Primary Classroom'

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