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Global Learning in Schools
Monday 12 May 2014, Jeffery Hall (level 1)
This major international conference discussed how global learning is being implemented across the UK and elsewhere in Europe and what are the key issues and concerns that are emerging within this practice. The conference particularly focused on the role of knowledge within global learning, how it is constructed and what are its core elements. There were speakers at the conference from the Global Learning Programmes in the UK and similar initiatives across Europe and a keynote from Professor Annette Scheunpflug from Bamberg University in Germany.

The format of the conference included:

  1. Presentations in groups around keynotes
  2. Panel discussion looking at examples of practice
  3. Presentations on examples of research to date from Global Learning Programme in England
  4. Workshops and seminars reviewing issues emerging from the programmes to date and similar initiatives across Europe
  5. Plenary review includeing discussion on possible themes for research and evidence of impact of global learning in schools

Global Learning - The Future of Education?

On 25 June 2013 the DERC, in partnership with the Institute of Ideas Education Forum, hosted a debate entitled 'Global Learning - The Future of Education?'. Dr Douglas Bourn, Director of the DERC, and Dr Alex Standish, Lecturer in Geography Education at the IOE and author of 'The False Promise of Global Learning: Why Education Needs Boundaries' contributed to the debate which was chaired by Professor David Lambert. View the debate