Department of Health


August 2004 - December 2017

In collaboration with

Jonathan Shepherd (University of Southampton)

Health promotion and public health reviews facility

Research summary

Since 1995, the EPPI-Centre has housed an ongoing programme of work to advance evidence-based health promotion. It also contributes to promoting the global awareness and use of systematic reviews in health promotion and public health through links with the Cochrane Collaboration and other organisations.


The team undertakes policy-relevant and broad-based systematic review work of the evidence in particular topic areas underpinning public health decision-making. All of this review work includes diverse types of research including trials and studies using qualitative data.

This project also involves development and maintenance of a register of effectiveness reviews known as the Database of Promoting Health Effectiveness Reviews (DoPHER), and on a register of trials known as the Trials Register of Promoting Health Interventions (TRoPHI).

In addition, an electronic database is provided of individually reviewed studies. This forms a general reviews resource for those wishing the EPPI-Centre to conduct systematic reviews in health promotion and public health, along with a database of keyworded and data-extracted studies. EPPI-Reviewer is the web-based interface for adding to, and analysing, data on this database.

Lastly, the team is continuing to develop methods for the reviewing of non-trial literature in a systematic way.

Click here for full details about the project, along with its systematic reviews and methods publications.