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Library and Archives

The Newsam Library and Archives holds extensive collections of current and historical materials on education and related areas of social science.

In addition to supporting the work of staff and students at the UCL Institute of Education, it welcomes enquiries from all scholars, researchers, and others in the community with an interest in education.

Key Resources
• The main education collection contains a copy of every book on education published in the UK, and a substantial range from elsewhere
• The journals collection – 5,600 titles available electronically and over 2,000 in print
• A wide range of other electronic resources, such as databases, electronic books, documents and websites, linking to the very latest information
• 27 special collections and over 160 deposited archive collections, containing unique historical resources on education, and influential organisations and individuals working in the field
• The Curriculum Resources collection, displaying examples of schoolbooks and teaching materials for all levels and all school subjects

Key Services
The library's collections are supported by a team of dedicated professional staff, and by the provision of a wide range of services:
• the main Library is open 7 days a week
• IOE Library Search is available online 24 hours a day
• the enquiry service provides one to one assistance to users, in person, by phone, text or by email
• training in the use of databases and software is available
• a range of loan services is provided for registered users.