Dr Jeff Bezemer

    • Senior Research Fellow
    • Deputy Director of MODE
      Co-Director, Centre for Multimodal Research
  • Faculty:
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    • Centre:
    • Summary:
      • I am an ethnographic researcher with a particular interest in learning, identity and communication. My publications deal with educational, medical and academic practice in a changing social, technological and representational landscape.
    • Teaching:
      • I am Co-Investigator on a number of research methods training and capacity building programmes funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. They include:
        • Multimodal Methodologies for Researching Digital Data and Environments (MODE): A node of the National Centre for Research Methods (2011-2014)
        • Ethnography, Language and Communication: A Researcher Development Initiative(2007-2009).
    • Research:
    • Postgraduate Research:
      • • Kate Cowan: Video-based research and multimodal transcription in the early years
        • Phil Jones: The bones of the book (London College of Communication)
        • Vacant studentship Bloomsbury Colleges: Multimodal design and interaction in online language learning platforms: exploring communication, pedagogy and identity.
    • Professional Activities:
      • I participate in international research networks funded by the German Science Foundation (Multimodality and Embodied Interaction) and the EU (Global Perspectives on Learning and Development). I am review editor of Visual Communication
    • Conferences/presentations:
    • Personal Country Knowledge:
      • • Netherlands – multilingualism and education.
    • Languages Spoken:
      • • Dutch (fluent)
        • French (basic)
        • German (basic).
    Dr Jeff Bezemer

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