Professor Hugh Starkey

    • MA, PGCE, MSc, PhD
    • Professor in Education
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    • My research interests are education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC / HRE) developed in an intercultural perspective. As a distance education specialist, my teaching at master's level is online and my students spread across the world. My group of doctoral students engage in research into citizenship and intercultural education in contexts including East Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. I have acted as a consultant on human rights education and intercultural education for the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the British Council and I have led major research and development projects funded by the European Commission.
  • Teaching:
    • I am programme leader for the online MA Citizenship and History Education (University of London International Programmes) and online module tutor for the MA Education (Citizenship, History, Religious Education). I also teach the Citizenship Education and PSHE option on the B.Ed. I supervise students on the Ed.D and M.Phil and PhD programmes within the Doctoral School.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • My research is interdisciplinary and relates to intercultural education; education to promote democratic citizenship and human rights. This is in the contexts both of citizenship or social studies as school subjects and language learning and teaching. It addresses questions of syllabus and curriculum design, pedagogy and education policy issues. It is closely linked to my teaching and therefore to the needs of educational professionals working in schools, education ministries and local authorities, NGOs and international organisations.

      My current doctoral students are:
      • Pilar Aguilera (University of Barcelona): Citizenship education and emotional literacy (Visitor 2009 - 11)
      • Rania Al-Nakib (PhD) UNESCO and social studies in a school in Kuwait
      • Leonel Perez Exposito (PhD) Political and citizenship education in Mexico
      • Yuko Ikuta (PhD) Language choice and peace education in Kosovo
      • Lee Jerome (PhD) Citizenship education and democracy in a school in England
      • Lin Ke (PhD) Cyber democracy amongst young people in China
      • Kerry Laxton (Ed.D) Attitudes to citizenship education in a school in England
      • John McCormack (Ph.D) Tenant participation as citizenship education
      • Sam Mejias (PhD, Bloomsbury Scholarship): Amnesty International and Whole School Human Rights Education
      • Judith Ott (EdD International) NGOs and citizenship education in Norway
  • Professional Activities:
    • Research Centres
      Founding co-director International Centre for Education for Democratic Citizenship (IOE with Birkbeck) Fellow of the University of London Centre for Distance Education and Chair of the Fellows' group Co-ordinator IOE Special Interest Group (SIG) Citizenship, Cultures and Education Chief External Examiner
      DfE / University of Plymouth CPD programme for teachers of citizenship

      Editorial Boards
      International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning
      Language Learning Journal
      London Review of Education

      Guest editor of special issues
      Language and Intercultural Education (Volume 11.2, 2011) Citizenship, education and global spaces (with David Block)
      London Review of Education (Vol 6.1 March 2008) special on Citizenship Education (with John Annette and Dina Kiwan)
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • 1 -2 September 2011 University of Geneva International symposium Former au monde de demain : Perspectives de recherches en didactiques des sciences sociales. Presentation : Laïcité et reconnaissance des pratiques religieuses à l'école : un débat interculturel (in French)
      16 June 2011 16 June 2011 University of Lille 3, France Séminare européen CIREL / GERIICO L'éducation aux droits de l'homme: quels enjeux selon les contextes (in French)
      • 19-20 November 2010. Citizenship and Education in a Globalizing World (jointly organised with Beijing Normal University) held at IOE. Plenary concluding address as Chair of the Academic Committee.
      • 23 September 2010 I curricula interculturali: teoria e pratica per una scuola multietnica, Pavia, Italy. Keynote address: Intercultural Schools: human rights and cosmopolitan perspectives
      • 5 November 2009. Guest presentation at St Patrick's College CHRCE Lecture Series, Dublin, Ireland for 20TH Anniversary UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Human Rights as Empowering Knowledge: implications for Citizenship Education
      • 15 - 17 October 2009 Centre for Lebanese Studies Annual Conference Education for Social Cohesion in Lebanon American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Plenary presentation Human Rights and Citizenship Education: utopian realism and social cohesion
      • 10 July 2009 ICEDC 3rd Annual Conference Birkbeck, University of London Human Rights and Citizenship Education. Keynote address: Human Rights as Empowering Knowledge: implications for Citizenship Education
      • 7 May 2009 Keynote lecture at III Jornados Pedagogicas Internationales, University of Cordoba, Spain Intercultural Schools: human rights and cosmopolitan perspectives
      • 11-13 February 2009 Guest presentation at International Dialogue on Citizenship and Civic Education: pedagogy, process, practice DCRC University of Delhi, India Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights: global issues and cosmopolitan perspectives
      • 13 November 2008 Guest lecture at Centre for Moral and Citizenship Education Beijing Normal University, China. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Education for Cosmopolitan Citizenship
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • France: education; politics; citizenship education; Freinet
      Europe: Council of Europe and EU policies and research on education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE)
  • Languages Spoken:
    • • French (advanced)
      • German (intermediate)
  • Languages Written:
    • • French (advanced)
      • German (basic)
Professor Hugh Starkey

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