Professor Heidi Mirza

  • Qualifications and position:
    • BA(hons) PhD
    • Professor of Equality Studies in Education
  • Faculty:
    • Faculty of Policy and Society
  • Department:
  • Summary:
    • My main work is in the field of ethnicity, gender and identity in education. I use postcolonial and black feminist theoretical frameworks to explore social exclusion, human rights and equality issues for Black and minority ethnic women. My recent work explores the current debates around multicultural education, citizenship, and cultural and religious difference, including Islamophobia and gendered violence.
  • Teaching:
    • MA Sociology of Education (Sociology of Race and Education); MA Education, Gender and International Development ( Gender, Theory and Practice in Education). I also lecture on the EdD and the BEd
  • Research Projects:
    • I am principle Investigator on 'Understanding Society', the ESRC funded UK Household Longitudinal Study. It is the largest study of its kind in the world and I work on the ethnicity strand with colleagues at ISER Essex University. I am involved with funded projects on refugee education ( Rayne Foundation) and volunteering (HEFCE). 'Respecting difference' which I direct is funded by the TDA and promotes the understanding of race, faith and culture for teacher educators. I have researched widely on the experiences of young Black and Asian women in school and processes of racialisation in higher education.
  • Professional Activities:
    • I am a Commissioner on the GLA Mayor's Commission on African and Asian Heritage and established the Runnymede Collection at Middlesex University, a race-relations archive on the 20th Century civil rights struggle in Multicultural Britain. I have been appointed by the Lord Chancellor to the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives. I am on the editorial boards of British Journal of Sociology of Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Race, Ethnicity and Education. I am Chair of the Race Equality Committee and the University Orator at the Institute of Education.
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • 'Intersectionality, Black British feminism and resistance in educational research' Gender and Education Association Conference (GEA) London 2009

      'Redefining citizenship: Black women educators and the 'third space' International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Madrid 2008
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • I am involved with the British Council Social Inclusion and Education project in Brazil. I have lived and worked in the Caribbean and USA.
  • Languages Spoken:
    • Spanish written and spoken (basic)
      Spanish written and spoken (basic)
  • Research Students:
    • I have several students on the Doctoral and EdD programmes who are researching their interests on the intersectionality of race, gender, and class and other aspects of inequality in the field of education.
Professor Heidi Mirza

Contact details

Contact details


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