Professor Dominic Wyse

    • LTCL; LRAM; GRSM (Hons); PGTC; MPhil; PhD; MA (Cantab)
    • Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Department:
  • Summary:
    • The main focus of my research is curriculum and pedagogy. Key areas of my work are the teaching of English, language, literacy, and creativity.

      In addition to research in these areas I have extensive experience in music including a position as the first director of Music-Making at Churchill College Cambridge where I was also a fellow.

      Prior to joining the IOE I was a senior lecturer at the University of Cambridge, a Reader at Liverpool John Moores University, and a teacher with experience working in London, Bradford and Huddersfield.
  • Teaching:
    • • PhD Supervision
      • Early years and primary masters courses.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • I am interested in working with PhD students on curriculum and pedagogy (including national curricula). A focus on the teaching of English, language and literacy or creativity is also welcome.

      Current students
      • Helen Bradford – Young children's writing. Institute of Education, University of London
      • Filio Constantinou - Bi-dialecticism, writing, and primary education in Cyprus. University of Cambridge.

      For 2012 onwards:
      • Suhae An – English literacy in Korea
      • Zuriyatini Zainal – electronic and printed story books.

      Past students (selected)
      • 2008 to 2012, Nitu Duggal. Investigation of Effectiveness of Approaches to Teaching Reading Comprehension. University of Cambridge
      • 2008 to 2012, (with Paul Andrews). Phil Kirkman. Secondary Music Students' Compositional Development with Computer-Mediated Environments in Classroom Communities. University of Cambridge
      • 2006 to 2010: Home Reading Programmes: Their Impact in English Speaking Countries and Potential for Use in India. Doctoral Study – Mihika Shah. University of Cambridge. Winner of the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) Best PhD Student Research Award and the The St Edmund's College Cambridge Toby Jackman Prize for the most outstanding PhD in any subject except Economics.
  • Professional Activities:
    • Editing:
      • 2012 to present. Editor (with Louise Hayward, Steve Higgins and Kay Livingston) The Curriculum Journal
      • 2008-2011. Associate Editor Cambridge Journal of Education
      • Editor of The Routledge Understanding Primary Education book series.

      Editorial Boards:
      • Curriculum Journal
      • 2004-2012 Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies
      • Cambridge Journal of Education
      • Writing and Literacy.

      • Wide range of experience from PhD to undergraduate.

      Membership of Professional Bodies and Learned Societies:
      • Advisory Board Teach First
      • Editorial commissioning and advisory board (ECAB) Teacher Training Resource Bank (TTRB) (2007-2011)
      • British Educational Research Association; United Kingdom Literacy Association.
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • (Selected)
      Wyse, D. (2012, 4 September) Teacher Agency and Curriculum Creation. Paper presented for the Learning from Curriculum Comparison across the UK keynote symposium, at The BERA annual conference, University of Manchester, Manchester.

      Wyse, D. (2012, 12 March) Teaching English, language and literacy: From new theory to classroom practice. Invited presentation at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Department of English, Beijing.

      Wyse, D. (2012, 22 February) Teaching English, language and literacy: From new theory to classroom practice. Invited presentation at Queens University Belfast School of Education, Belfast.

      Wyse, D. (2011, 25 October) Fonics, Phun and the Reading Wars. Invited presentation for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, University of Cambridge, Mill Lane Lecture Rooms, Cambridge.

      Wyse, D. (2011, 30 September) Effective Teaching of English, Language and Literacy. Invited paper presented at the Inaugural Institute for Effective Education conference - Empowering educators with evidence, University of York, IEE, Berrick Saul Building, York.

      Wyse, D., Fentiman, A., Sugrue, C., and Dachi, H. (2011, 13 September) Pedagogy and Leadership in Tanzania: A Whole School Approach presentation for the UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development - Global Challenges for Education: Economics, Environment and Emergency, The University of Oxford Examination Schools, Oxford.

      Wyse, D. (2011, 6 September) The Public, the Personal, and the Teaching of English, Language and Literacy. Paper presented for the Great Literacy Debate: reflections on the impact and importance of The Literacy Strategy and The Framework for English keynote symposium, at The BERA annual conference, Institute of Education, London.

      Wyse, D. and Livingston, K. (2011, 7 September) Creating New Curricula Paper presented for the Cloning the Past or Creating the Future? Curriculum and Assessment across the United Kingdom symposium, at The BERA annual conference, Institute of Education, London.

      Wyse, D. (2010, 3 December) Towards a unified theory of English, language and literacy teaching, paper presented for the The Literacy Research Association: Old Wine/New Bottles? Or, a New Direction symposium at the Literacy Research Association (LRA formerly NRC) Annual conference, Fort Worth, Texas.

      Wyse, D. (2010, 27 August) The Public, the Personal, and National Curricula: Reform in England 1988 to 2010, paper presented for the Curriculum Reform in Four Nations: A Home International Symposium at the European Educational Research Association (EERA) European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), Helsinki.

      Wyse, D. (2009, 4 November) Vision & Innovation – A New Primary Curriculum, Inaugural Annual Lecture for the Temple Grove Schools Trust, Hatcham College, London.

      Wyse, D. (2009, 21 July) Contextualised Phonics Teaching. Presentation for the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Learning to Read: Culture, Cognition and Pedagogy symposium at the 16th European Conference on Reading, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.

      Wyse, D. (2008, 2 September). Who Decides What Primary Teachers need to Understand? Invited speech presented at the BAAL/Cambridge University Press Seminar Programme, Applied Linguistics: what do primary teachers need to understand? Developing an applied linguistics curriculum for pre-service primary school teachers., University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • • Tanzania
      • China.
  • Languages Spoken:
    • • French (basic).
  • Languages Written:
    • • French (basic).
Professor Dominic Wyse

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