Dr Rosie Flewitt

    • PhD (University of Southampton); MA in Education; Licence ès lettres (Littératures Anglophones); BSc (Hons) French and German.
    • Senior Lecturer
  • Department:
  • Centre:
  • Summary:
    • My research focuses on the complementary areas of:
      • young children's communication, language and literacy development in a multi-media age
      • inclusive practices in early education
      • ethnographic and multimodal approaches to the study of early learning and how children use combinations of modes, such as spoken and written language, gesture, images, sounds and layout, as they engage with written, oral, visual and digital texts.
  • Teaching:
    • • MA Early Years Education
      • Research Methods In Education Module Leader
      • London Knowledge Lab MODE: Multimodal Transcription Strand.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • Doctoral supervision:
      • Kate Cowan (PhD) "Video-based research in learning and examining forms of transcription" (ongoing)
      • Natalie Canning (PhD) "Children's empowerment in child-initiated, social play" (ongoing)
      • Elizabeth Dobson (PhD) "An investigation of the processes of interdisciplinary creative collaboration: the case of music technology students working within the performing arts" (Completed 2012)
      • Adele Creer (EdD) "Exploring everyday and college literacy practices of young people" (ongoing)
      • Sally Yates (EdD) "An investigation into the factors influencing primary schools' development of literacy policy and practice" (ongoing)
      • Michaela Long (EdD) "The impact of Year 1 Phonics Screen Check on teachers' classroom practice and learners' experiences of reading".

      • Santosh Sapkota (MRes)'Learning and Teaching in the Non-Formal Virtual World: A Multimodal Study of Learning-Teaching Interaction in the Virtual World of Schome Park' (Completed 2008).
  • Professional Activities:
    • • Member of TACTYC (national association for the professional development of early years educators)
      • Executive Committee Member; ESRC Peer Review College
      • Member of Editorial Boards for: Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, Literacy, and Visual Communication
      • Book Reviews Editor Journal of Early Childhood Literacy
      • Invited Guest Editor of a Special Issue of Qualitative Research entitled 'Multimodality and Ethnography: Working at the Intersection', published June 2011, Volume 11 (3), with Bella Dicks (Cardiff), Lesley Lancaster (MMU) and Kate Pahl (Sheffield).

      Regular reviewer of academic articles submitted to the following international journals, including, amongst others:
      • Computers and Education
      • Early Years
      • Early Years Journal of International Research and Development
      • Education Inquiry
      • International Journal of Early Years Education
      • International Journal of Educational Research
      • International Journal of Social Research Methodology
      • International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology
      • Literacy
      • Visual Communication.
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • Flewitt, R.S. (2012) 'Learning To Read In A Digital Age: A Multimodal Perspective' Paper presented to American Education Research Association April 2012, Vancouver, Canada.

      Flewitt, R.S., Kucirkova, N. and Messer, D. (2012) 'The potential of iPads for early literacy development in a digital age'. Paper presented to Symposium 'Digital Technologies And Learning To Read: Possible Effects On Communicative, Cognitive And Attitudinal Processes', American Education Research Association April 2012, Vancouver, Canada.

      Flewitt, R.S. (2011) 'Developing early literacy in a multi-media world: a multimodal perspective'. Paper presented to European Early Childhood Research Association (EECERA) International Conference on Education from Birth: Research, Practices and Educational Policy, Geneva, 14 – 17.09.2011.

      Flewitt, R.S. (2010) 'Young children developing multimodal literacies in print and digital media'. Paper presented to United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) International Conference on The Changing Face of Literacy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, University of Winchester, Winchester, 11 – 13.07.2010.

      Flewitt, R.S. (2010) 'Young children's literacy practices in a technological age: what insights can be gained from multimodal ethnography?' Paper presented to International Conference Multimodality and Learning: Environments, Rhetoric, Recognition, Play and Methods, Institute of Education, London, 6 – 7.07.2010.

      Flewitt, R.S. and Wolfe, S. (2008) 'Developing Multimodal literacies in the early years'. Paper presented to United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) International Conference on Identities, Cultures and Literacies, Liverpool Hope University, 11-13.07.2008.

      Flewitt, R.S. and Wolfe, S. (2008) 'Are new technologies reshaping learning? Insights from a multimodal, ethnographic investigation of early literacy practices'. Paper presented to International Conference on Multimodality and Learning, Institute of Education, London, 19-20.06.2008.

      Wolfe, S. and Flewitt, R.S. (2008) 'New technologies, new literacy practices in early childhood education?' Paper presented to British Educational Research Association (BERA) Annual Conference, Heriot Watt University, 03–06.09.2008.

      Flewitt, R.S., Nind, M. & Payler, J. (2007) 'It took a long time for us to recognise her eye pointing': Multimodal insights into meaning making for young children with special educational needs Paper presented to British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Annual Conference, Edinburgh, 06-08.09.2007.

      Flewitt, R.S., Nind, M. & Payler, J. (2007) 'Multimodal meaning making in special and inclusive preschool: the experiences of a young child with learning difficulties'. Paper presented to European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) Annual Conference, Prague, 29.08.-01.09.2007.

  • Languages Spoken:
    • • English (native speaker)
      • French (fairly fluent)
      • Spanish (advanced)
      • German (very rustily advanced).
  • Languages Written:
    • • English (native speaker)
      • French (fairly fluent)
      • Spanish (advanced)
      • German (very rustily advanced).
  • Positions:
    • Senior Lecturer
Dr Rosie Flewitt

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