Professor Michael Fielding

    • B.Ed (hons), MA, PhD
    • Emeritus Professor of Education
  • Department:
  • Overview:
    • Well known for his work in the fields of radical education, student voice, school leadership and professional learning Michael brings a perspective strongly influenced by person-centred, radical democratic traditions of publicly funded education. If we forget history or marginalise purposes we may get somewhere faster - but not where we need to go. Download selected publications (pdf, 0.35mb).
  • Teaching:
    • Invitation lectures and seminars in History of Education, Inclusive Education, Philosophy of Education, and Social Pedagogy
  • Research:
    • (2010) Supporting people working in groundbreaking ways - Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (Grant Reference ED 07-2251), 3 key position papers from the project were
      (1) Fielding, Michael and Cunningham, Ian (2009) Educational leadership as if people matter: supporting person-centred approaches to innovative school leadership
      (2) Fielding, Michael (2008) Beyond student voice to democratic community
      (3) Fielding, Michael and Kirby, Perpetua (2009) Developing student-led reviews an exploration of innovative practice in primary, special and secondary schools
Professor Michael Fielding

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