Dr Moses Oketch

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    • Reader in Educational Planning & International Development
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    • Dr Moses Oketch obtained his PhD in economics of education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) and Master of Science in the same discipline from the same university. His research interests include economics of education, education policy analysis, impact evaluation, and issues in education and international development.
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  • Postgraduate Research:
    • Vocational Education in Cambodia
      Primary Education access in Sierra Leone
      Aid effectiveness (multi country analysis)
      Higher Education financing in Rwanda
      Public-Private partnerships in Nigeria
      Internationalisation of HE curriculum (Britain and Japan)
      Parental aspirations and educational outcomes (UK)
      HE policies and practices (USA)
      Education Reforms (Kazakhstan)
      Education and economic growth (comparison of skills development in Asia and Africa)
  • Professional Activities:
    • Reviewer- International Journal of Educational Development
      Reviewer- Compare Journal
      Reviewer- Comparative Education Review
      Associate Editor- London Review of Education
      Chair- CIES- UREAG
      Member- CIES
      Trustee- UKFIET

      Moses has participated in over 45 national and international conferences and provided expert analysis and recommendations to education finance and access issues in SSA at various governmental and international forums.
Dr Moses Oketch

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    Further information
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