Professor Angela Little

    • BSc, DPhil, AcSS
    • Emerita Professor
  • Department:
  • Summary:
    • International and Comparative Education
      Education for All in Developing Countries - policies, plans and progress
      Access and Transitions in Education
      Learning and Teaching in Multigrade Settings
      Globalisation, Education and Qualifications
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • D Bermingham, 'The interaction between global and local education policy processes. A comparative case study of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative in Rwanda and Ethiopia'
      Caine Rolleston, 'Education, Poverty and Culture in Ghana 1991-2010'
      G Shand, Culture and Self among English and Japanese students in state secondary education
      R Otienoh, Improving Teaching and Learning in Large Classes in Kenyan Primary Schools
  • Professional Activities:
    • Chair, International Advisory Board of 'Young Lives', University of Oxford
      Member of the 'Academy of Social Sciences'
      Trustee 'United Kingdom Forum for International Education and Training'
      Past President 'British Association of International and Comparative Education'
      Journal editorial/advisory boards: International Journal of Educational Development, Journal of Applied Research in Education, Journal of Educational Administration and Planning
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • Education for All: Policies, Politics and Progress. Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference, Montreal, May 4, 2011
      The Politics, Policies and Progress of Basic Education in Sri Lanka. Consortium for Research on Education Access, Equity and Transitions in Education, Delhi, Feb 22, 2011
      The Millenium Development Goals beyond 2015: connecting education and health. Key note lecture at the annual conference of the Sri Lankan Association for the Advancement of Science, Dec 10, 2010
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • Sri Lanka - specialised knowledge of education system, labour market, qualifications, plantations
      India - general knowledge of education system, with special reference to primary education
      China - general knowledge of education system
      Peru, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Colombia - knowledge of education in multigrade schools
Professor Angela Little

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