Kaori Kitagawa

    • PhD Education, MA Comparative Education, PGCE Post-compulsory Education, BA British & American Literature
    • Research Officer
  • Department:
  • Teaching:
    • FD Professional Practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector
      MA Lifelong Learning Singapore
      MA Comparative Education
      MA Dissertation Unit
      EdD International
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    • Comparative Education
Kaori Kitagawa

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  • Okumoto, Kaori (co-authored) (2007) 'We are trying to reproduce a crafts apprenticeship: from Government Blueprint to workplace generated apprenticeship in the knowledge economy', Journal of Vocational Education and Training 59(4), 551-574.
  • Okumoto, Kaori (co-authored) (2008) 'Developing vocational practice in the jewellery sector through the incubation of a new 'project-object'', International Journal of Educational Research 47(4), 252-260.
  • Okumoto, Kaori (2008) 'Lifelong Learning in England and Japan: three translations', Compare 38(2), 173-188.
  • Okumoto, Kaori (co-authored) (2009) 'They give you tools and they give you a lot, but it is up to you to use them': the creation of performing artists through an integrated learning and teaching curriculum', Studies in the Education of Adults 41(1), 21-38 .