Dr Brock Craft

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    • Brock is a Technical Project Officer at LKL. His research interests are in visualization, physical computing, and design methods. Currently working on the Learning Design Support Environment, a user-centred system to help teachers design and plan learning activities.

      Brock has worked on a range of consulting projects in both User Experience and Information Design/Analysis.
  • Research:
    • • Learning Design Support Environment.
  • Professional Activities:
    • • Chair, International Symposium on Design and Aesthetics in Visualization.
  • Languages Spoken:
    • • English
      • French.
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    • • English
      • French.
Dr Brock Craft

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  • Craft, B. (2009) 'Sketching Interviews: A Method to Elicit Internal Representations for the Design of Learning Support Systems' Paper presented at 16th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology , Manchester , September
  • Craft, B. and Cairns, P. (2009) 'Sketching Sketching: Outlines of a Collaborative Design Method' Paper presented at BCS-HCI , Cambridge , September
  • Craft, B., Kent, P. and van Labeke, N. (2008) 'Kinaesthetic and Collaborative Activities to Enhance Experience and Engagement Among Secondary Maths Students' Paper presented at Shareable Interfaces for Learning Workshop , Sussex University Creativity Zone , September
  • Craft, B. and Cairns, P. (2008) 'Directions for Methodological Research in Information Visualization' Paper presented at 12th Annual International Conference on Information Visualisation , London , July