Dr Chloë Marshall

    • BSc, MA, PhD
    • Reader in Psychology and Human Development
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  • Summary:
    • My background is in biology, Montessori education, linguistics, and psychology. My research interests include:
      Language and literacy development.
      Developmental disorders of language and literacy. (with a focus on Specific Language Impairment and Dyslexia)
      Phonology and its developmental relationship to morphology, syntax and the lexicon.
      The cognitive skills underlying typical and atypical language acquisition in hearing and deaf children. (with a focus on working memory and executive functions)
      The phonology and morphology of English, and of British Sign Language.
      The organization of the lexicon in spoken and signed languages.
  • Teaching:
  • Research:
  • Professional Activities:
    • Associate Editor for First Language (2012 - present)
      Associate Editor for the British Journal of Developmental Psychology (2013 - present)
      External examiner at the University of Kent, for the MSc in Developmental Psychology (2013 - present)
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • Keynote presentations at the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Department of Special Education. Talks entitled 'The nature of the phonological deficit in children with dyslexia' and 'Explaining the comorbidity between SLI and dyslexia'. University of Thessaly, Greece. May 2014.

      Invited presentation, 'Breaking into sign language: The gestural and visuo-spatial properties of classifier constructions in British Sign Language aid their acquisition by adult hearing learners' at the workshop 'Learning a sign language as a second language as a hearing adult'. Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. January 2014.

      Keynote presentation, 'Word production in developmental language disorders'. At the scientific meeting 'Language in developmental and acquired disorders: Converging evidence for models of language representation in the brain'. Royal Society, London, UK. June 2013
  • Languages Spoken:
    • French (near-native)
      British Sign Language (intermediate)
      Spanish (basic)
  • Languages Written:
    • French (advanced)
      Spanish (basic)
Dr Chloë Marshall

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