Professor Julia Brannen

    • BA MSc PhD FRSA AcSS
    • Professor of the Sociology of the Family
  • Department:
  • Centre:
  • Summary:
    • I am Professor of Sociology of the Family. I have an international reputation for my work on family life, work-life issues, intergenerational relations and for my expertise in mixed methods, biographical approaches and cross national research.
  • Teaching:
    • Research methodology including methods of data collection (qualitative interviews, biographical interviews, focus groups), mixed methods research strategies, analysis of qualitative data and data from mixed methods, international comparative methods, research on families.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • The relation between paid work and family life; motherhood and fatherhood; intergenerational relations; the study of children and young people in families; research methodology in particular mixed methods, biographical research and cross national European comparative research, re-use of data.

      • Joe Winter - Electronic Constructions of Parenting (coordinate title of Joe Winter's thesis with Ann Phoenix's entry)
      • Antigoni Stylianou - Thesis title Parental support and children with a disability in Cyprus.
  • Professional Activities:
    • • Joint Founder with R. Edwards The International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory and Practice from 1997
      • Associate Editor of the Journal of Mixed Methods
      • Adjunct Professor University of Bergen Norway
      • Member of the editorial board of International Jounral of social research methodology, Community, Work and Family and The Portuguese Jounral of sociology.
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden
  • Languages Spoken:
    • • French (intermediate).
  • Languages Written:
    • • French (intermediate).
Professor Julia Brannen

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