Professor Heather Joshi

    • Professor of Economic and Developmental Demography
    • Emeritus Professor
  • Faculty:
    • Faculty of Policy and Society
  • Department:
    • Department of Quantitative Social Science
  • Centre:
    • Centre for Longitudinal Studies
  • Summary:
    • Heather is now an Emeritus Professor of Economic and Developmental Demography at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies. She was previously the Director of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies from 2003 to 2010, and its Deputy Director from 1994. She was PI and Director of the UK Millennium Cohort Study from 2000 - 2011.

      Heather is an economic demographer who has used a number of longitudinal datasets including the ONS LS. Her research has been mainly concerned with the family, the labour market, gender, child development, but also includes spatial issues. She is Co-Chair of the European Child Cohort Network fostering international collaboration and comparison between cohort studies and the founder President of the Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies. Heather is a Fellow of the British Academy, and was awarded an OBE in 2002 for services to Women's Studies.
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Professor Heather Joshi

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  • Department of Quantitative Social Science
    Institute of Education University of London
    20 Bedford Way
    WC1H 0AL

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  • Room G15
    55-59 Gordon Square, WC1H 0NU


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