John Yandell

    • Senior Lecturer in Education (English Studies) and Subject Leader
    • Secondary English and English with Drama PGCE
  • Department:
  • Summary:
    • John Yandell taught in inner London Secondary schools for 20y years. He now leads the Secondary PGCE English and English with Drama course at the Institute. Research interests include the ways in which literature is read in urban English classrooms and the development of teacher identities.
  • Teaching:
    • English and English with Drama PGCE (Secondary): subject leader
      Master of Teaching: module leader, Developing Understanding of English, Media, Drama Studies
      MA in English Education, course tutor
  • Research:
  • Professional Activities:
    • NATE ITE committee member
      Co-Editor, Changing English
      External Examiner, University of Leeds (Secondary English PGCE) and Canterbury Christ Church (Secondary English PGCE)
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • Keynote lecture, LATE Conference (July 2011): What is the work that English teachers do?
      Keynote lecture, LATE Conference (May 2009): Myths of assessment
      Keynote lecture, LATE Conference (May 2008): Every Child Matters
      London English Research Group: papers on ITE (October 2010) and Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran (January 2009)
      Paper on "Developing the articulation of critical reflection on an ITE course" at ESCalate Conference (Carlisle, May 2008) in collaboration with Shirley Lawes and Ruth Heilbronn
      Paper on "Embodied readings: exploring the multimodal social semiotic resources of the urban secondary English classroom" at the Multimodality Conference (London, June 2008).
John Yandell

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