Professor Diana Laurillard

    • BSc, PhD
    • Professor of Learning with Digital Technologies
  • Department:
  • Centre:
  • Summary:
    • Current research is:
      • developing an interactive learning design tool to support teachers moving to blended learning
      • working with SEN teachers to investigate the design of software interventions for learners with dyscalculia and low numeracy.

      For both, the intention is to bridge the gap between teaching and research.
  • Teaching:
    • • MA in Innovation and Change in Higher and Professional Education
      • MA in Lifelong Learning.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • Interests: Theory-based design of learning and teaching methods and resources, students' conceptions and misconceptions, students' approaches to learning, learning design for conventional and digital media, flexible learning activity design tools for teachers, online support for collaborative learning, the strategic context for e-learning effectiveness, modeling learning and teaching, applications of cognitive neuroscience for basic skills learning.

      • Angela Hall (MPhil/PhD): 'What are the affordances of ICT tutorials affecting students' experience of learning in advanced level biology?' – with Dr Ralph Levinson
      • Arundhati Mukherjee (MPhil/PhD): 'The use of online discussion in tertiary education'
      • Corinne Bosse (EdD): 'Investigating the impact of ICT policy change on the distance education course design and development practices at Canada's Open University' – with Dr Moses Oketch
      • Sid Marouf (MRes) 'Collective Building of knowledge in Collaborative Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) in Education'
      • Richard Proctor (MRes) 'Interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge construction'
      • Taciana Pontual da Rocha Falcão (MPhil/PhD): 'Tangibles as a way of including children with disabilities in a learning context' – with Dr Sara Proce
      • Kathy Robinson (MPhil/PhD) 'Linking the socio-emotional experience of learning online to a neural process'
      • Guang Yang (MPhil/PhD): 'Managing the Process of Organizational Change in E-learning Development at the Institutional Level'.
Professor Diana Laurillard

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