Professor Rose Luckin

    • BA (Hons 1st class) in Computing and Artificial Intelligence. PhD in Cognitive Science
    • Professor of Learner Centred Design
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  • Summary:
    • My research is interdisciplinary and uses participatory methods to explore how we can scaffold learning by designing and using technologies intelligently. I am particularly interested in the subject of CONTEXT and how it impacts upon learning and teaching. I have developed the Ecology of Resources model of context as a way to describe a person's context, and an associated design framework to support the context–sensitive design and use of technology. A particular focus of my current activity is working with industry and practitioners to develop Evidence Based Product Design and Practice to secure the learning benefits of technology consumerization. For the latest information about me see my London Knowledge Lab website
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • • Socio-Cultural theory as applied to Technology for Learning design and use
      • Learning, Context and the role of Technology
      • Participatory Design
      • Scaffolding

      Research Interests include:
      • Scaffolding learning through Technology
      • Higher Order Thinking Skills and Motivation with respect to learning with Technology
      • Technology, Education and Policy in the UK
      • Pervasive and Ubiquitous Technology for Learning
      • Augmented Reality and Learning
      • Web 2.0 Technology and Learning
      • Participatory Design Methods, particularly ways of enabling business, research and practitioners to work together to design Evidence Based Products and Practices.

      Current Research Students:
      • Joshua Underwood: Designing Technology Enhanced Learning Contexts for Language Learning
      • Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou: Leadership and E-Learning
      • Damien Darcy: Hybrid Learning Ecologies
      • Kristen Weatherby: On-Line learning Communities of Practice for Teachers
  • Professional Activities:
    • • EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow
      • Member of the Advisory Board of the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme
      • Member of the EPSRC Computing College
      • Member of the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Editorial Board
      • Member of the Interactive Learning Environments Editorial Board
      • Member of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education Management Board
      • Governor St Paul's School London. Previously I was a Non-executive director of BECTA and founding chair of their Research Advisory Group
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • March 2007, University of Oxford. Oxford Internet Institute.
      March 2007, Keynote at CAL 07 Dublin: Who are the revolutionaries?
      June 2007, Keynote at Ed-Media Vancouver: Mind the Gap: bridging the home school divides, through contextualized activities and personalized mobile technology.
      September 2007, Cambridge Assessment
      October 2008, JISC keynote: Going boldly into the dark: Who will drive the learning process? What is the future of the relationship between learners, their tutors and institutions?
      November 2008, Invited presentation at Teachers ICT conference at IOE
      2009, Keynote at Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: Participatory Learning in Context
      July 2010, Keynote at the International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education: The Problem of Context
      January 2011, Keynote at Learning Without Frontiers: Redesigning learning contexts with the iPad
      January 2011, Oxford Learning Institute Public seminar: Technology Rich or Learning Rich: how can we have our cake and eat it.
      November 2011, Keynote at the 19th International Conference on Computers in Education November 28, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Professor Rose Luckin

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