Professor Andrew Burn

    • MA, PGCE, PhD, FRSA
    • Professor of Media Education
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    • Andrew Burn is Professor of Media Education, and director of the DARE centre (Digital | Arts | Research | Education), a research collaboration with the British Film Institute. The DARE website/blog is now running visit dare collaborative, with information about events and projects, and links to people and partners.

      He has published work on many aspects of the media, including media literacy in schools, the semiotics of the moving image and computer games, and young people's production of digital animation, film and computer games.

      He is interested in the adaptation of theories of multimodality to describe and analyse media texts, and in how such theories relate to the Cultural Studies research tradition. He has previously taught English, Drama and Media Studies in comprehensive schools for over twenty years. He has been a Head of English and an Assistant Principal at his last school, Parkside Community College in Cambridge, where his main role was to direct the school's media arts specialism: it was the first specialist Media Arts College in the country.
  • Teaching:
    • • MA Media, Culture and Communication.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • • Steve Connolly: 'How do young people learn to make digital video in the secondary classroom and what is the role of popular culture within that process?'
      • Angela Colvert: 'Immersive Gaming: Alternate Reality Learning: A study into the implications of Alternate Reality Gaming on Learning'
      • Grethe Mitchell: 'Intermediality and its effect on Media Literacy'
      • Kostas Voros: 'Media Education in Greek Primary School'
      • Eirini Arnaouti: making films in Greek secondary schools
      • Martyn Richmond: a visual ethnography of food culture among 17-23 year-olds
      • Victoria Hurr: the Kineikonic mode
      • Luke Kelly: The Box Men: Symphonic Convergence Between Hideo Kojima and Kobo Abe (Bloomsbury scholarship, with Professor Steven Connor, University of Cambridge)
      • Gareth Healey: Online multiplayer hegemonies: an investigation into the interaction between FPS computer games, their players and hegemonic masculinity
      • Chris Barnham: Semiotics and the concept of Qualification.
  • Professional Activities:
    • • Editorial Board, Visual Communication, Sage 2011-present
      • Editorial Board, Learning, Media & Technology 1999-present
      • Contributing Editor, Changing English (Routledge)1996-present
      • Editorial Board, Designs for Learning 2010-present
      • DCMS-nominated representative, EC Media Literacy Expert group.
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • AATE conference, Sydney, Australia, October 2012, Garth Boomer keynote address.

      Kultur 2.0 conference, National Audiovisual Institute of Poland, Warsaw, October 2011, opening keynote.

      Arts Education Research conference, University of Utrecht, June 2011, opening keynote.

      National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE), annual conference 2010, opening keynote.

      iVERG international conference on Immersive Technologies for Learning: A multi-disciplinary approach, University of Teeside, June 2010, opening keynote.

      Media Education conference, Media Education Association of Finland, University of Turku, Finland, December 2009.
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • • France.
  • Languages Spoken:
    • • French (intermediate).
Professor Andrew Burn

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