Health care

The United Kingdom has free nationally funded health care via The National Health Service (NHS). Most people in the UK use the NHS as it provides a wide range of medical care and treatments to UK citizens. Most services are free but you do have to pay for things like prescriptions.

Overseas students on study programmes lasting six months or more are covered by the NHS. Those on courses less than six months long should consider taking out medical insurance.

Dental care

Dental care in the UK can be expensive. It is possible to visit an NHS dentist where dental care is considerably cheaper than visiting a private centre. To locate an NHS dentist, please visit the NHS website.


You do not need any vaccinations to enter the UK although it is recommended that you consider being vaccinated for Meningitis C before you leave home. You can also get this vaccination free of charge at a doctor's surgery once in the UK.

Further information

• Email the International Student Coordinator
• Call us: +44 (0) 20 7612 6442
• Read the UKCISA advice on health and healthcare