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Aisha Dahiru

We asked Aisha to tell us about being a student here.

What was most helpful to you at the IOE?
"The international co-ordinator has co-ordinated visas and so much else for me, and I know that he has helped others with housing, as well as organising a social network that supports you while you are studying here. The resources at the Institute have been really numerous and varied, really fantastic. The library is one of the best educational resources in the world. And having access to the prayer room is really helpful during long days here in school."

What was the biggest challenge that you faced?
"Balancing family life and studying was very daunting to start off with.I found that with the support of family and friends it was much easier, but more than that, the Institute have been very understanding. They have been flexible with deadlines and assistance and with all the support."

What is it like to study in London?
"What I enjoyed most has been seeing London again through the eyes of my children. I've been on the sightseeing buses and to places that I would ordinarily not have explored. Hearing about the culture and the history of it, you realise that London is a beautiful and amazing place."

How would you sum up studying at the IOE?
"It might best be put as a really wonderful growing opportunity, a great llearning experience. I think my head of department put it best when he said, 'We're here at the IOE to make sure that you get the best possible learning experience, that you can take away and put to good use. It's of no use to us if it's of no use to you."