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Ceri Warwick

We asked Ceri to tell us about being a student here.

Why the IOE?
"I originally took my PGCE at the IOE, and I wanted to use all the resources available to become a good teacher. At that time, I didn't realise that the PGCE would lead so effortlessly to starting my masters."

What were your first impressions?
"The IOE felt exciting and diverse. It was unlike any education I'd had before; this was academic and practical and both were celebrated equally. The IOE provides an excellent platform for all to share experiences and opinions in order to become the best teacher possible."

What was the best thing about your course?

"The course tutors have been in the classroom and know the challenges that we face. They provide the latest teaching techniques and give you confidence for teaching more controversial issues. Their constant support emotionally and practically was essential."

How have you developed as a teacher while studying here?
"I continue to keep abreast of best practice with the guidance of the IOE. Personally I feel that I would not be the teacher I am without the firm foundation in training I received from the IOE and its continued influence on my professional development."

What kinds of people did you meet at the IOE?
"I have met people from all walks of life, including lifelong friends – I hope! We keep track of each other's progress as best we can; I know at least three people who have already been promoted."

What comes next?
"I hope to become a head of department, and my MA will support this career development. But at the moment I am concentrating on being an excellent classroom teacher. The IOE has made me realise that we can educate and be educated for a lifetime."

If a friend asked your advice about studying at the IOE, what would you say?
"Do it!"