Professor Jessica Ringrose

    • BA, MA, PhD
    • Professor of Sociology of Gender and Education
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    • I have been teaching and researching on gender and educational issues in Canada and the UK for 15 years. My current research explores young people's digital sexual cultures, including issues of 'sexting' and cyberbullying. I am also interested in postfeminist educational discourses and panics over girlhood, including anxieties over feminine 'success' (achievement) and 'aggression'. Theoretically and methodologically my research and teaching draws upon poststructural and psychosocial (including psychoanalytic, Deleuzian and materialist feminist) approaches to understanding subjectivity and affect. I have done a range of consultancy work on gender equality in schools, advising on issues like child 'sexualisation', sexual violence, and body image, including acting as advisor for the Home Office 'Sexualisation of young people review' (2010) and the Coalition Government Equalities Office 'Campaign for Body Confidence', and leading the recent NSPCC project 'A qualitative study of children, young people and 'sexting' (2012). My PhD (York University, Toronto, 2004) explored defensiveness in learning in the context of anti-racist, feminist pedagogies in undergraduate Women's Studies. Throughout my work I adopt an 'intersectional' approach to explore the complexities and contradictions of racialized, classed, gendered and sexualized subjectivities.
      Media appearances:
      'Whatever Happened to the Sisterhood? BBC Radio 4 Analysis (interviewed) 10 Oct 2010
      'Feminism on the curriculum', BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, Aired August 12, 2008 (Interviewed)
  • Teaching:
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • • gender and sexuality in schooling/education
      • gendered violence
      • Sex education, 'sexualisation'
      • Gender and achievement
      • teen masculinities and femininities
      • Feminist theory and methodology
      • Poststructuralism and Education
      • psychosocial theory and methods
      • 'intersectional' studies (examining intersections of gender, race, class and other axes of subjectivity and differentiation)
  • Professional Activities:
    • Journal Editorial Board, Feminism and Psychology
      Journal Editorial Board, Gender and Education
      Advisory Group, UK Government Equalities Office, "Young People and 'Body Confidence'"
      Advisory Group, eXbus Exploring Bullying in Schools (cyber-bullying stream Led by Professor Jette Kofoed, Department of Learning, University of Aarhus, Denmark)
      Advisory Group, UK Home Office Report: 'The Sexualization of Young People', Part of the 'Together we can end violence against women and girls' Strategy (Released February, 26 2010)
      Advisory Group, Scottish Parliament Report: Sexualised Goods Aimed at Children (Released January 29, 2010)
      EFPS Representative of Faculty of Policy and Society Research Ethics Committee, IOE
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • May 2012 'Children, young people and sexting,' (Research Launch with Claire Perry, MP and Lynne Featherstone Minister of Equalities, Jubilee Room, House of Commons, Westminster, London, UK May 14, 2012.)
      April 2012 Ringrose, J. Session Convener: Doing Deleuze: Exploring Qualitative Research Methodologies in Education, (American Educational Research Association Conference, Vancouver, April 13-17, 2012)
      Nov 2011 Koefed, J. and Ringrose, J. Exploring sexualized cyberbullying and challenging an online/offline divide through a Butlerian-Deleuzian-Guattarian lens, ESRC seminar series 'Vulnerable selves, disciplining others' Seminar II Cyberbullying, Birbeck College, London, Nov 25, 2011
      May 2011 Ringrose, J. Schizoid subjectivities?: Re-theorising teen-girls' sexual cultures and the sexy/innocent binary in an era of 'sexualisation', University of Stockholm Institute of Fashion "Fashioning Childhood" Conference, University of Stockholm, May 20, 2011
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • UK, Canada educational/media panics over 'failing boys' and 'successful girls'; Canadian feminism/Women's Studies
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  • Research Students:
    • Eleftheria Atta "Cypriot Women Academics on the Tenure Track: Challenges and Concerns"
      David Francis "Viewed through an intersectional lens, how do social media contribute to the creation of adolescent identities and social inclusion?"
      Rafael Hernandez "Mathematics and masculinities: An exploratory study of motivations behind 17-18 year olds boys' choice of studying at A-level"
      Marios Kostas "Gendered subjectivity in the curriculum and classrooms of Greek primary schooling"
      Jessie Bustillos Morales "Mapping Students' Gendered Identities Using Visual Methods of Research and Exploring Heterotopic Possibilities"
      Miriam Weil "Exploring gendered discourses of pregnancy amongst teens in Mexico"
Professor Jessica Ringrose

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    Further information
  • Ringrose, J. (2011) 'Beyond Discourse? Using Deleuze and Guattari's schizoanalysis to explore affective assemblages, heterosexually striated space, and lines of flight online and at school', Educational Philosophy & Theory 43(6), 598-618.
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  • Ringrose, J., Barajas, K. (2011) 'Gendered risks and opportunities? Exploring teen girls' digital sexual identity in postfeminist media contexts', International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics 7(2), 121-138.
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