Reflecting On Professional Practice

Course Code: MMAMTL_01

Masters Level Module

The teaching and learning methods are designed to support conceptual understanding of critical reflection and its role in developing practice. The module is based on the co-construction of the ideas in relation to this, which forms the ways in which participants build and present their portfolios. The module sessions, both face to face and online require participants to engage in shared reflection on aspects of professional development. Core readings will be used to stimulate discussion about criticality and differing concepts of 'reflection'. it is intended that this module will create opportunities for participants to work collaboratively within and across schools.

The module is supported by:

Face to face sessions with the university tutor.

Online collaboration to carry out relevant tasks and access resources electronically.

Group and pair work with fellow MTL participants.

Coaching meetings on an individual and group basis.

Self-directed tasks and individual study time.

When is this module taught?

Please contact the module administrator.