Professor Jackie Masterson

    • BSc , PhD
    • Professor of Psychology of Reading
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  • Summary:
    • My research interests are in literacy development and difficulties, cross-linguistic investigations of reading and spelling, object and action naming and representation, assessment of reading and spelling and interventions for literacy difficulties.
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  • Postgraduate Research:
    • Research interests:
      Reading and spelling development, lexical acquisition, cross-linguistic investigations of reading/spelling development and lexical acquisition
      Postgraduate researchers:
      Cathy Lowe, Possible reasons for poor spelling in able readers aged 12-15.
      Frances Hampson-Jones, Strategies for improving reading comprehension in primary school age children
      Karen Faulds, Narrative intervention effects on vocabulary and reading ability in early readers
  • Professional Activities:
    • Associate Editor British Journal of Psychology
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • Consequences of early chronic otitis media for later reading skills
      British Dyslexia Association conference, March 2008
      Investigation of the noun bias in Cantonese and English through object and action picture naming in monolingual and bilingual four-year-old children
      2008 Asia-Pacific Forum on Mind Brain and Education, October 2008
      Factors affecting the spelling performance of English-, Greek- and Italian-speaking children in Grade 1/2 Writing Systems: Analysis, acquisition and use, November 2008
Professor Jackie Masterson

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