Professor Dick Wiggins

    • BA (Hons) Accounting (Kent), Dip.Stats (LSE), MSc Statistics (LSE), PhD
    • Professor in Quantitative Social Science, QSS
  • Department:
  • Summary:
    • Dick Wiggins joined the Institute of Education, University of London as Head and Chair of Quantitative Social Science in 2007. His methodological interests include the longitudinal analysis of secondary data, mixed methods, survey design, attitude measurement and sampling methodology, evaluation research and policy analysis. His current research covers the exploration of structure and agency in the context of ageing, poverty, physical and mental health and well-being, cross national differences in health, multilingual capital, ethnicity and socio-economic aspects of education.
  • Teaching:
    • In addition to teaching applied multivariate methods on the MA/MSc in Policy Evaluation and Analysis, Dick is running two new courses for The Doctoral School in 'Deciphering Quantitative Analysis' and 'An introduction to Structural Equation Modelling with AMOS'. He is also contributing to a new module on Lifecourse Development: theories and methods.
  • Research:
  • Postgraduate Research:
    • • Cross-cohort analysis • Structural Equation Modelling • Attitude Measurement and scaling • Ageing, health and well-being
  • Professional Activities:
    • Member of the editorial boards for the American Journal of Gerontology: social sciences, the International Journal of Social Research Methodology and the journal of Longitudinal and Life Course Studies. Member of the expert advisory panel for the Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam (LASA). Occasional reviews for PLOS-ONE and J of Mixed Methods. A member of the Economic and Social Research Council's Virtual College and the Royal Statistical Society, the British Gerontological Association and the British Sociological Association.
  • Conferences/presentations:
    • • Educational trajectories and well-being: a life course perspective. Jenkins, A. and Wiggins, R.D. Discovery Exchange: early origins of adult well-being. Gerontological Society of America 65th Annual Scientific Meeting: Charting New Frontiers in Aging. San Diego, California, 2012. • The language landscape'. An invited keynote talk during the British Academy language week under 'The language cauldron: making the most of multilingual Britain', London, 2012. • Understanding the relationship between mental health, quality of life and resilience at older ages using longitudinal data for England and Wales. Wiggins, R.D., An invited seminar to Department of Health, London, 2012.
  • Personal Country Knowledge:
    • UK, USA, Canada & Cyprus.
  • Languages Spoken:
    • English, French.
  • Languages Written:
    • English.
  • Research Students:
    • • Nicola Bailey, 'An evaluation of extended school provision' • Fabian Barrera,' Core features of teacher professional development and teaching practices: a cross-national analysis of TALIS 2013 • Elizabeth Fearon, 'Using social network analysis to understand causal pathways in HIV prevention' (Bloomsbury studentship). • Annabel Mullin. 'The influence of inter- and intra familial socialization and legal socialization on desistance from crime in the first 34 years of life' (ESRC studentship). • Nichola Shackleton, 'A cross-cohort investigation of childhood obesity' (ESRC studentship). • Michael Tzanakis, 'An exploration of ethnic differences of the influences of home and school on the development of young people's educational expectations for university study between ages 14 to 16'
Professor Dick Wiggins

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