Vocational Learning: Policy and Practice

Course Code:MMALLL_06

Masters Level Module

This module explores the relationship between work, learning and vocational education and training (VET). It will critically examine the implications of global economic and technological change for: (i) the organisation of work; (ii) new conceptions of expertise and work roles; (iii) the diverse ways in which people can learn in the workplace; (iv) the role of qualifications and accreditation/recognition of learning; (v) national policies for vocational education and work-based learning; (vi) the implications for VET institutions and practitioners; and (vii) the relationship between VET and social cohesion. A number of theoretical perspectives will be introduced to analyse learning in, for and through work, including situated learning, activity theory, social practice theory, social ecology, labour process theory, and life biography. The module is designed for people in the private or public sector who wish to develop their understanding of the dynamic relationship between working and learning in their own professional contexts, and for people who wish to pursue a research career. It does not presuppose any prior specialist knowledge. This module is available as a short course.

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