Media, Cultural Theory, Research And Education

Course Code:MMAMCC_25

Masters Level Module

This core module provides a critical overview of key concepts, theories and developments within the interdisciplinary fields of media, cultural studies and education. The aim is to provide a foundation in concepts which will be applied and developed in different areas throughout the programme, particularly in dissertations. The module provides an introduction to three key aspects of media and cultural studies: the analysis of production, texts and audiences. In each case, we will also be addressing a range of broader themes and topics, including globalization, consumption, ideology and technology; and addressing a range of theoretical approaches, including structuralism, poststructuralism, postmodernism, and social theory more broadly. Concerns to do with education run throughout the module, but are addressed more explicitly towards the end of the term. The links between theories will be highlighted through lectures and discussion; and through a small-scale investigation that will be considered in the second residential. The course will be mixed-mode, with 2 residentials and a range of online interactions. The course will centre on a different aspect of the field each week and will include readings, lectures and/or discussion. The readings will be structured with questions for consideration and discussion. Online components will include conferences related to the readings, and discussion groups connected with particular theories or topics. There will be additional supporting seminars available on a weekly basis; further information will be given on their location and timing.

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